Customise With Leonish
Nidhi Sheth
August 31, 2023

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Customise With Leonish

Being a BeSpoke Footwear Brand, we at Leonish pride ourselves in customising only the best for you. With over 60 years of artisanal experience, our Karigars can create magic. These handcrafted wonders are made specially for you and can be your one of a kind glass slipper!

At Leonish, our goal is to create a seamless customisation process. Right from selecting the design, to the fabric, to the embroidery.

We customise it all. In order to create your dream pair we start by picking the style of your footwear. You can customise the heel, the height, the design, the colour, the fabric, the embroidery and even the size! 

Just click on the link below and fill in the form. You will shortly receive a call from our team to take your order forward!

Customise With Leonish